Swap Happy – Look what I got!


Several weeks ago I was blog hopping and I happened upon Sweet Potato Claire’s blog where she was offering to create a craft/homemade swap. I haven’t done a swap since an ornament swap a few years ago, which was fun to receive mail at that time of year. My kiddo loved it as well, but some of the swap items were ech? if that’s a word. Welp, this swap blew me away!

It was small-ish, Sweet Potato Claire did a fabulous job putting together swap partners and giving you info about your swap partner. To be honest I didn’t expect much but I was wrong! This swap blew me away with the skill and generosity of one creative individual.  While I was putting together my goodies for my swap partner and snooping around her blog, I was also in the midst of switching jobs, leaving a job, while also vet jumping with my 16 year old dog.  I had also gotten the flu for 3 days as well as the rest of my family which caused me to miss shipping out my Mom’s birthday gift on time (I suck). So, needless to say it was a tough week. Until….

I got a little package in the mail one day- Oh yeah, that swap I signed up for! I was a little apprehensive about running into the house and opening it. So I paused just looking at the box, just being happy to have received a nice gift to me and relishing ins the fact that someone had taken a little bit of their time out of their crazy or hectic schedule to think of me. Nice! Well, I slowly opened the package and couldn’t believe my eyes upon seeing this beautiful textured yarn in deep red….Whoa! It was an amazing drop stitch cowl in one of my favorite colors. Also, packed with it were handmade stitch markers, a Mason Jar notepad and a lovely postcard with such a nice handwritten note. My swap partner was Kelly Ramstack from the blog Adventures with Kelly. She’s a print designer, and created her handmade tags (obviously) which were very impressive and sweet. I’m a graphic designer so we have quite a bit in common and I appreciate all those little details she added to her box. She even wrote on the outside of the box and decorated it as well – nice touch!

So thank you Sweet Potato Claire for hosting a great and successful swap! And Thank you Kelly for such a lovely swap gift and thinking of me! I’m hoping to do a few more swaps in the future that are as thoughtful and as well put together as this one!


Experimental Freeform Crochet

I’ve been inspire by the hats made by Heather Lightbody, otherwise referred to as Girl with a Hook. She is a spinner and art yarn creator who makes these crazy hats using free-form crochet.

I’ve been knitting a few years, but crocheting is still pretty new to me and I continue to have to look up terms beyond a double crochet and be cautious to watch out for the differences in US vs. British terms. But I find her hats so fascinating…art and craft mixed with sculptural qualities and unusual!  She’s teaching a class a Madison Wool in CT in March which I’m still thinking about going to. I think it would be fun! Part spinning and part free form crochet. I don’t always have time to do things I love and it’s nice to be able to try and get away for something fun especially when you can give your full attention to it! I went to the Pluckyfluff class last year for my birthday, which was great. I had wanted to take a class from her since I started spinning. My big plan, as I turn the big 4-0 this year is to maybe taking a weaving class in VT…so that would kind of eliminate the other 2 workshops from my fiber diet….it all comes down to school, work, schedules etc…to be continued!

Storming and Juicing….



I don’t know about you but living in Massachusetts this winter has been a bit chilly! There’s the temperature drop, and then the dreary gray skies. Then we’ve had some snow! Brrr! I’ve been carbo loading so to speak (best I can on a Gluten-free diet) and Ithink the amount of sugar in the house multiplies when it snows. There’s been school days and sick days and I think my body is seriously craving some summer!

Since my veggies have been neglected and are about to rot in the fridge, I cranked up the heat and decided to balance my Ayurvedic dosha somehow by juicing it all. Ahhhh, so much better. Juicing is about the last thing my body craves when it’s cold and wet outside. In need of such a reprieve from carbs juicing certainly did the trick. Once I sucked that juice down it calmed my entire system and reminded me throughout the day to consider self-care, natural foods from the source and healthy choices. Then it also made me want to plan out my garden!!! I’m envisioning this year, kale, swiss chard, lettuces & arugula, beets, carrots, snap peas, zucchini & summer squash, cucumbers, some random herbs and I may try brussel sprouts! Yum! Can’t wait…what are some juicing recipes you like and what do you choose to grow in your garden?

Everything’s better when it’s dipped in Chocolate

IMG_1329Off to a friends Open House, and whipped up some Chocolate covered strawberries, some with sprinkles, some with heath candy, and some with nuts or extra chocolate. They were gone before I took off my coat. They were a hit the last time I brought them to a family event as well so I have to remember this as a “go to” item for events, potlucks etc. I feel like I am always bringing a salad and since I’m gluten-free it’s usually a good idea so I have something to eat too, right? Since I knew what other folks would be bringing and we had already had a good meal prior to going, this seemed perfect! I would love to know anyone elses go to items that super easy and quick to bring to a potluck that isn’t the standard chips & salsa, humus and veggies.

Gettin’ Cultured!


Field trip!  Mayan Vessels and Giant baby heads! A quick trip to the MFA in Boston early on a beautiful day that we get to enjoy in the garden to chat about what we saw and then early enough to get home and head for a walk on the beach. these are some the best days, for sure.