This Kid has more teeth falling out

The first front tooth a few days ago...

First tooth gone and the second tooth dangling-EWWWH

Finally, she woke up and it FELL out! She's now just gums!

Did I mention the OTHER front tooth came out over the weekend?? It did, and of course the tooth fairy came with a special Gold Dollar…So I believe she’ll be coming again tonight, but since this is a special week of losing 2 FRONT teeth, which I believe we thought would happen back around Christmas, the tooth fairy will probably try to make it a little special, hmmmm! Anyone have any ideas what that little something could be? Maybe it’s a special little note in fairy language that you need to read with a magnifying glass, or maybe a few of her favorite sweets, fruits or accessories she loves so much. I guess it’s a surprise and we’ll wait and see.


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