No-spend knitting swap arrived!

I joined Swap-bot awhile back for the Cake & Pie Holiday Ornament Swap. After completing that swap I thought I would give a try at another and here entered the “No-Spend Knitting Swap.” You send a select amount of knitting items be it yarn, needles, books, or other misc items pertaining to knitting and you get back some new stuff from someones stash. I shipped off a box to Australia, that price tag for shipping was a little steep but my swap recipient was very pleased as it was all yarns she wanted and can’t get in AU, plus a neat beginners book I never used.

I received the above items; some beautiful blue handspun yarn, a mini skein of wool yarn, and a skein of lovely merino. Plus a needle case, a calendar and a little notebook that walked off with my daughter and is now used in her makeshift restaurant for taking orders, very useful. The fact that it was no spend minus postage made it a great swap, can’t wait to see what others received!


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