Wonder dog rolag

Finally receive my hand cards, yippeee! I’m very excited. I have a wonderful dog who is a mut and part austrailian cattle dog and sheds like crazy! I made his day by brushing him and collecting some fur. I combined it with some wool and presto chango, I now have some wonderful fiber to spin! I’m not sure what I will knit from it, or weave…something playful and fun. Something, since the woof  is almost 11, to always cherish. Perhaps an ornament like a little sweater? The carders are som much fun to use and I’ve caught the hubster and child playing with them as well. Although they don’t understand the ebb and flow of fiber.


One thought on “Wonder dog rolag

  1. One of our cats molts like crazy and his fur is like silk, I often think it would be fun to save a little and spin it. An ornament is a great idea for a way to preserve it.

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