Back to the Grind

So I’m going back to work after an official layoff. Yes, it’s for the same company, same people and same publications. I was laid off in February and was starting to adjust at being a crafty stay at home mum. Things get in the way, other work, coordinating watching other people’s kids, walking the dog and cooking any meal and have it on time!!!

I still haven’t been able to fit in all the knitting and spinning I’d like to do. All the roving and yarn I’d like to dye, all the organizing I’d like to do, the cleaning, rearranging etc. Everything is still a mess with a few more piles that have been left to get back to at another time…it’s sad in a way. Why does time speed up so much with kids? I get up earlier, stay up later, but still not enough time or shall I say down time.

I’m happy to get some work in, but when it rains it pours! I have this contracted work and then some other work…kind of a little to much, all at once! SO I’ll be back and exhausted after 7 weeks…I just hope I can squeeze in a run each morning…(or afternoon)

and perhaps after all is said and done I’ll have the summer off and be able to complete my studio and make some ART! How dreamy-


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