Back from the DR!

Officially now laid off from work, no more transitions, no more training, finally some adventure and relaxation…We were gifted a trip to the DR with a free place to stay (thank goodness for the generous!) We visited Cabarete a kite surfing community new and up and coming in the DR on the North East coastline….WOW! Miles of beaches, gentle winds, sunny skies (a definite difference from our New England summer thus far!)  We had a wonderful time and are both happy to be rejuvenated as land back home as well as wishing we could have stayed longer.

Cabarete is beginning to become a resort town and destination.  It’s known for its wonderful wind that calls to an abundance of pro windsurfers as well as kiters (=us). We had a wonderful time crossing language barriers, exploring local sweet spots, including caves and secret beaches as well as taking in all the flavor of this part of the DR. If we ever get back there it will not be the same, I guarantee! A precious little jewel that will soon be overcome with resorts and tourists bartering for chach-keys. There is so much local flavor, so much immersion in the culture and people who live there. Hopefully all the building and influx of  money with tourism will bring a rebirth within the community that is striving to make a change.

Check out a DR government run program to help out-

Last night I turned on the TV for the first time in since we’ve been back. Dateline or Primetime (one of those news shows) happened to be on. It was that last 15 minutes or so of programming and it happened to be about the musician Wyclef Jean. He is originally from Hati (the country separated by a mountain range next to the DR). As I watched the program after being so close to that culture I felt even  more so aware of the issues that the people are face with. Wyclef Jean recognizes where he came from can change and grow, he has developed programs and funds to help reach out to his community, it was amazing to watch the impact he has made. He spoke so eloquently. This is definately his destiny and it was amazing to witness. I highly recomend checking him out…i hope we can all make an impact in the world we live for such positive change.


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