Looking to SPINNN!

With Fall sneaking upon us and some not so sunny days in the north east, I’ve been feeling the urge to get my fiber wheels turning. Also, between yesterday and today there are TWO bike races happening locally that are pretty big deals. Lots of fun to watch and old friends to see again. SO in honor of spinning, I’m in need of some yummy wool. Insert Phatfiber here…

Their sampler box is happening for the month of august and I’ve very anxious this time not to miss it and get my first box! Also, I happened to check their blog and notice a giveaway for a batt club from Moonwood Farms called the Moonbeams Club. The description given at Phatfiber just sounds so irresistible and yummy which makes it difficult not to indulge! I spin pretty thing but need to add more color to my spinning and haven’t yet had a chance to dye a batch of my own fiber (The rain gods or actually schedule gods have not been kind).

So cross your fingers and let’s roll the dice for shot at the Moonbeams club!


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