Sketch Firday for Illustration Friday

I love the idea of setting a deadline for a project. For being able to have completed something, submit it and enjoying the journey along the way. Illustartion Friday, a site that let’s you know a word theme for the week and every friday (or earlier) you can post how you interpret that word. Use different mediums, genres, and concepts. It’s like a little test kitchen for yourself, they even have a childrens area that they can submit their art, how cool is that.

I have yet to be successful in completing a final project and posting it at Illustration Friday, but this blog is where I can keep you posted when I do get lucky one week. I am disciplined, really, I am. I’m just slow at summing up and posting individually about things I get done…

The above two concept sketches were for illustration friday: the first was the word “Welcome”. When I walk through the woods near home there are all these little nooks and crannies that beckon your feet to follow. I love finding somewhere new in something that looks hidden. You move a branch on the darker side of a forest to reveal a beautiful sunlit lake and budding flowers.

The second word was “Infinite”. All I could think of besides the universe was the assembling piles of laundry I had to look forward to. UGH! I rather have worked on the sketch more than the laundry, but it was staring at me and I hate piles of chaos so in it went!

Check out the word of the week at Illustration Friday and think of all the new and exciting concepts you can. It will surely ignite and inspire some creativity and it’s exciting to see everyone’s posts at the end of the week and the amazing artistry, detail and concepts folks can some up with!


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