Let’s Talk Paint

Thank you to everyone who stopped by for my Open Studio tour on Saturday and for all the wonderful comments and suggestions you made.It was the most relaxing studio tour I’ve ever had! I didn’t even have to be there.

Now, let’s talk paint! I need to pick a color to paint the clapboards on studio front and 1 side (the rest is shingled,) I’m hoping to match our house. Now, the front of our house is a rustic orange, so something complementary to orange would be good. I don’t want the clap boards to be a beacon of light where the boats from the harbor will start heading my way…I was thinking of a subtle green, a light olive, something that blends with the trees and allows the space to become one with its environment. Painting a large space is tough, it always comes out different from what you imagine!

Here’s a pic of the shingle side of our house. You can see the trim color around this lovely old window. It leaks cold air like a sieve, but was so precious  and funky we had to leave it in when we first bought the house. I love the old blown glass and even the chipping paint. There’s a story about that window somewhere. We did seal it shut, not that we ever got it open to start. The siding is a year old now and sure beats the Asbestos siding that was there prior. This window will reflect the studio nicely but I’m not certain which color it will be…stay tuned!


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