Owlet complete!

Finally, I’ve finished the oowlet and that included sewing all the buttons for eyes! (No buttons are o the back as they’d get stuck in the little persons hair.) But thankfully it’s done! It’s very cute, but I with it were a bit larger and the fit isn’t quite right. I followed the pattern to a T, even going up a size from what the measurements called for and it still seems snug. I bet I’ll be making another for her in a year and handing this one down. It’s knitted with Cascade Eco wool and the pink is most accurate in the image above. A quick knit especially for a sweater, it was the pattern size 4 (9-10years size, 15 owls.) It was made for an average 7 year old with 2″ in the pattern to spare…Guess it’s meant to be snug!

Now I’ll begin making one for me…in blue not hot pink, and NO, we won’t be wearing them on the same day if I can help it! I’m wondering thought if I’d get better wear out of it as a cardigan instead, hmmm, decisions, decisions! She loves it though! I’m glad her mama could finally knit her a wearable item other than a hat!


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