Moving on from Halloween…

My absolute favorite holiday, halloween. The flow of fall sets in, the leaves get crunchy and pop beautiful colors and warm cider and cool air begins to become routine. Although it’s darker earlier and less sunlight can often lead me to a funk, I love the comfort of settling in, of keeping house, and creating whether it be crafts, food, or family fun.

We’ve relaxed into our new fall flow of schedules and for me having grown up in Salem, MA the witch city, Halloween is extra special to me. It’s not celebrated quite as it use to be, you may see a handful of kids in a pack and one street designated as a trick or treat destination, but I still love the spirit of halloween and here is how we celebrated.

Finding our pumpkins to carve at the farm…

Birthday parties with haunted walks through the woods by candlelight…

Kicking off Trick or Treating with some real food! Brains to start…

Our vampire bat waiting for dark…a mama made costume, complete with reflective seams, so she’s seen going house to house via her wings…

Hope everyone had a safe and happy halloween!!


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