Prepping for the sweep…

Typically after Halloween you hope to absorb a bit of Fall to enjoy and savor before the BIG holidays. Well, after hitting a local store on Halloween day and finding the shelves being stocked with Christmas items and holiday tunes playing, I became distraught! UGH, already! I love being in the moment, not being rushed, having time to enjoy the changes in seasons and the build up to each holiday. So, in beginning to aquire materials and supplies for creating gifts and crafts for fairs and family I’m trying to follow the flow of the season and sink into it’s transition slowly and between all of it, there’s nothing like a nice bowl of comfort food.

Ahhh, a rice bowl! I love rice bowls, a mixed collage of flavors and colors sprinkled in a bowl. I get a quick creative fix whenever there’s spare rice around, and there always is, whether brown, basmati or another grain like quinoa.

This bowl contains:
Rice, Black beans, Chick Peas (Garbanzo beans), Spinach, Salsa and some cashews. Add any spices you prefer, maybe tabasco? Add some cheeses or any veggies floating around and serve warm. One of the best comfort foods around! Enjoy!


One thought on “Prepping for the sweep…

  1. looks so delicious. I love anything to do with rice. As soon as I discovered that I had to eat gluten free for the rest of my life, I hopped over to an Asian store and bought a rice cooker. It’s the most used appliance in the home.

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