Grrr…must upload!

Currently I’m very frustrated…I can’t upload my pics, what gives?? I need a major computer upgrade and once complete there will be a multi image collage synopsis of the prior month in all its glorious chaos.

  • There’s been many completed handmade projects (some didn’t get photographed)
  • There have been a few fantastic thrifty finds, including a sidewalk find of a beautiful old rocking chair. I love it!!!
  • Our awesome Christmas tree!!! We tried a NEW spot in the house and it really is the best tree we’ve had to date!
  • Hopeful projects to get started on, complete for friends and projects that have been on a to do list far to long. And now for taking down all the Christmas goodies….ugh!
  • Enjoying the three days of snow we’ve had and loving it!
  • A new job on the horizon that fits everything about me and will improve our little corner of the universe. Breathe….

Hoping that this year ends some struggles, hardships and stress for all people in every corner of the world, I think we all need to slow down and breathe a little easier to make the world a better place.


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