Synopsis of December

We finally found our tree! It felt like we were really late getting it this year, but it was only the 2nd week of December. The hunt for a great tree wasn’t as epic as it usually is for us, but we were all happy with this tree it even received a name.

It went in a new spot this year near the front of the house by some windows, it smelled wonderful and the lights at night just soothed the spirit in the air. We realized we have quite a few handmade ornaments on our tree that get saved each year and the lil girl had an amazing time remembering all the stories that went along with them while she was busy decorating.

There was some serious makings of all things holiday related. We created garland and have now hid the glitter succumbing to using the remaining glitter that is now embedded in rugs and tables. It was a permanent collection here for a long while. Guests would come and go and leave complete and full of Christmas spirit as the trail of fairy christmas dust followed them. We found it in our food, on the dog, in our hair, on our beds and let it be known that every time we discovered it somewhere else it brought laughter and smiles.

December09_ 234

December09_ 227

December09_ 216

Our gingerbread house, a tradition from Grammy, was created yet again. Structural design was initiated by our 87 year old Great Grandfather… and like always, it held up against all odds. It’s fascinating to watch these houses change over the years, and also to reflect upon how much more my daughter becomes involved in its creation and decor. Since this year she’s VERY into Ice skating, we had a much bigger pond and several skaters (some skaters in photo may have been consumed.) We look forward to designing a new house next year with inspiration from the Food Networks GIANT gingerbread houses or this…and to the detail and accuracy of  my little one gathering her continued inspiration with all things sugar.

December09_ 208

Although we had many places to be on Christmas Eve and wished we could have slowed the holidays down, as usual, we’ll attempt it again next year. We do ALWAYS make time to leave out some milk and cookies for santa as well as a few healthy options and treats for his entourage. This note gets right to the point!  Can’t wait til next year!


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