Sniff, Sniff…

Smell that? Uh huh, that’s right some new art supplies. They came perfectly upright and perfectly sharpened. Colored pencils in a huge assortment to tantalize and stimulate the senses…

Oh, but they are not mine. They were a gift, to my little girl from her dear friend, and I am a little jealous, that she gets some lovely NEW and SHARPENED colored pencils to play with, but wow, how they get played with and used. And they’ve already been given a place in the future studio space.

We’ve carried this ginormous box of pencils with us in the car, to other houses, and a coffee shop or two. They’ve remained sharpened and displayed in the clear box they came in, as my daughter also appreciates the new appeal of art supplies and the captivating essence they have in the creative process. The artwork that has been made since she’s received them has adorned many cards given away, thank you notes and special drawings to friends as well as other refrigerators. I anticipate the dwindling of these perfect pencils and knowing that for every inch that disappears from them, more and more wonderful images will be created and shared. Hooray for sweet new art supplies!


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