Backtrack Crafter…

Aaaah, crafty present goodness! This by far was a great idea for christmas gifts this year and so appropriate! After Thanksgiving this year several family members came down with the flu and one with pneumonia, UGH! We made all our visits short and steered clear, so no one here got any germs! It is quite a feat actually. We always seem to get a good cold on vacations, near holidays, or if we haven’t gotten sick in a while. I know I’m jinxing myself here, so I’m knocking on wood as we speak!

Knitted the felted slippers, pattern by French Press Knits, it’s also on Ravelry!  A great super quick knit, pain to sew but not to bad, really! Felted and wahlah! I accompanied these suckers with some tea, tea pouch or holder, anti bacterial wipes or little travel bottles, and some tissues with a sewn tissue holder here, or here, and it was a get well or stop catching a cold gift set (very appropriate for those who received it!


2 thoughts on “Backtrack Crafter…

    • The slippers were a real fun QUICK project and the YES< that is a knitted thong. It was a gift to my sister in law, half joke, half she actually really liked it, that was a quick fun knit too. Always interesting when people ask, "What are you knitting?" and you reply, "Ahem, oh a thong…" weird looks given! Happy knitting!

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