Helping Haiti…

I’m sure most everyone is aware of the crisis occurring in Haiti. Have you thought of ways to help??? Here are a few and elaborate as well as collaboret with others on them, it makes such a difference. The above photo is not Haiti, but close, it’s the Dominican Republic, as we went over this past summer, the closest I’ve been to Haiti. We did meet alot of people from Haiti who came to work in the Dominican and they will answer any and all questions about their country. It’s a beautiful country, with beautiful people,  please help.

  • See if a local school will host a Pajama or Slipper day. Children can go to school in (appropriate) their pajamas and pay a dollar or more (pending on how much you’d like to raise) to wear them for the day.
  • In addition or separate from the above you could have the cafeteria serve breakfast for lunch (to add to the PJ day or as an additional fundraiser)
  • A breakfast or any themed bake sale-donuts, bagels, OJ and all the norm goodies.
  • A spare change or penny drive (where all loose coinage can converge to a lump sum.)
  • Ways to donate to Red Cross for aid and relief, even through a text message, simple as that and tell your friends at work! If you’re not big on the red cross try Doctors without borders, THEY ROCK!
  • Seek out a restaurant or business that is donating a percentag eof your purchase to the casue and shop there…
  • Send good karma, vibes, peace and all positive thoughts to Haiti…
  • See what else you can do where you are…



One thought on “Helping Haiti…

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. This is one of the biggest disasters to hit in that region. We all need to pull together to provide any help we can. Every little thing counts. Our prayers are with all those who are suffering.

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