Green Evolution

So going green doesn’t seem to be new to anyone. Most folks know what it is, what it’s about and have even ventured into being more green. Do I need to elaborate?  

Abandoned rocker found on a corner, all cleaned up for it's new home...

Enter Hip Mountain Mamas’ One Small Change…I’m a bit late in the sign up but urge you to take some steps big or small to get a little bit of your green on. One Small Change is about doing something good for the planet, our environment consistently as possible for one month at a time. Maybe, if you’re greenish already it’s about trying something a little more green that you’ve always wanted to venture into or being more consistent in your green goodness. You can view some ideas at the site suggested above. 

We recycle paper- and whatever else our town will take…
We turn off the lights- in small house, it’s very easy to keep only one light  on.
We turn down the heat- for the day and well into the eve, although we wish we could get a wood stove for heat (as that would truly benefit us since my husband is a carpenter and wood tends on being around…)
We donate, upcycle, and reuse what we have and think about any purchases in-depth if we do need to make them (doesn’t happen often) Some items we’ve revamped, were gifted, or in dire need of a home is our boat (my hubby fixed), the studio (made from wood that was going to be tossed, can you imagine?), some awesome skates, and so on…
We eat in-irregularly, if we eat out we enjoy a real good meal and are a little choosy. Sometimes we even make our own bread, delish!


Homeade bread in handmade recycled tea towel bag...

Off the top of my head, those are the biggies, a lot of little things we don’t even think about anymore like the hand me down clothes we receive or creating new clothes from them, updating lightbulbs with more energy efficient ones as they blow out, bringing our reusable bags to the supermarket, being conservative on gas and walking or biking when we can, or packing school lunch in reusable containers. 

It is amazing how being green moves into your life unbeknownst sometimes. Good friends and some family have chickens for eggs, and amazing organic gardens, I hope to venture there but enjoy their greenness most of the time and don’t have a great green thumb, so to speak. 

Lastly, we would like to get better at composting, that seems to be a wave we sometimes ride but mostly we do pretty good. What are your typical ways of being green and getting greener? Where do you hope to start this year to get your family more green? I’d love to know!


3 thoughts on “Green Evolution

  1. We do a lot of the same things…although I’ve gone to the extreme this month with electricity– in addition to making sure lights are off, we’ve been doing dinner by candlelight only, reading by firelight only, and going through to make sure all the appliances are unplugged, chargers are unplugged, etc. I’ll be curious to see in February how much we reduced our usage. And next month, I’m cutting out any processed groceries– no crackers or ready-to-go- granola, no annies mac-n-cheese or even bread. It is a change that we won’t totally stick to forever…but it is something I think will help me cut what little processed foods we buy (but that we buy often!) and also, to always bring a container to our co-op when purchasing bulk….and the other *big* change we’re making is preparing to get a car to convert to run on veggie oil. This will probably be a bit of a process, because we’re looking for a very specific vehicle, but it will rock in the end– as we have a growing cooperative of veg oil run vehicles nearby that are sharing the work of collecting and processing our “gas” :)

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