Morning Bliss and Banana Bread…

I’m the only one in the house who eats bananas. So often times I end up buying 2 or so at a time instead of an over ripe banana fiasco occurring and a fruit fly intervention. Sometimes I forget about how bananas I have or purchase to many with the intention of making smoothies or some fancy dessert. Frozen bananas freak me out a little, it’s that dark skin, it just isn’t appealing. I like a good ripe banana but I go as far a speckles and can go no more…

I made the quickest, easiest Banana bread ever, in small loaf pans with Chocolate chips (YUM!) and packaged them up to hand out randomly as a nice gesture and rid my home of bananas so I don’t get ridiculed for again contributing to the compost from my hubby, UGH!  The recipe was from Orangette and it was fantastic, forget Food Network and the like, stick to blog- land for recipes, they seem tried and true!

Next I utilized a much anticipated Christmas gift of the Caramel Macchiato kit from Starbucks to complete my morning. I made a mean macchiato I tell you. I get up EARLY (not my choice, but school calls) and it’s a bit overcast so the image appears to be a bit of a looming Caramel macchiato, but frothy none the less and delicious. Oh how a simple special drink and a sweet warm treat really can make your day….


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