Pondering Siggs…

I’ve mulled over the stats on this for a few days, well actually more. These empty containers sit near the door ready for a quick exit but are exhibiting hope of turning into something more useful. They are Siggs!

A bit late upon hearing the news, I found out about the recall on older Siggs bottles and their dangerous lining that miraculously contains BPA. The very thing I thought I was getting away from, Hmrphf!

I have three Siggs bottles that meet the bad lining criteria and I’m not sure where to go from here.  I’ve missed all the shmancy exchange programs and replacement offers and truth be told, I prefer my Klean Kanteen and haven’t used the Siggs for sometime. I purchased the Siggs bottles after the Nalgene scare…and might I add, I still have my favorite Nalgene bottle or two and love them. Okay, so I haven’t used them, but the scuffed up, stickered and well loved Nalgene bottles hold great memories and if they end up contributing to my demise someday as I have consumed the many gallons of  water that flowed from these containers throughout my life, then so be it, bury me with it. My daughter however, has her Siggs in school every day…hence enormous concern on a safe replacement and how to not add more BPA to the landfills if I toss the old Siggs…

So the bottles sit empty and hollow near the door as I can’t bring myself to toss them and don’t know what else to do with them. Possible vase? Nice experiment really on the effects of BPA and a living organism, hmmmm. Or just another vessel of sorts hold knitting needles. I mean, at the least the bottles are pretty, even if the paint will probably be proven to conatin lead someday.

Now officially, Siggs did offer an exchange/recall, but I missed all those and they don’t seem to want them back this late in the game. If you Google “Siggs Recall” there’s a lot of info on the topic and I’m surprised that folks are more subdude about itas the info was so misleading and even large conglomerates such Patagonia have dropped the Siggs line from their inventory. This leaves me perplexed and I will have great guilt if I just pitch them but don’t feel like becoming a collector anytime soon either.

What have you done with your old Siggs bottles???


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