An Ugg Remake…

I have always wanted a pair of  Uggs and yet still don’t own a pair although for years I’ve had generic versions. Target did a remake and then there are another pair I came across, both now smell awful (I know, over sharing) and have been beaten to death! They have no support, one pair is too big even with thick socks and the are covered in mud and paint and anything else they’ve happened upon over the years and yet, I still love and wear them ritually.

Then, I came across the pair above. One tiny hole, in a practically new, very cared for pair of purple Uggs. The real deal! For free! Since these shoes aren’t really for special occasions, I rehabed them with a few stitches and “Whalllah!” I have anew pair of Uggs for myself and can toss my wretched old, beat up and nasty fakes…Yippeee! The most comfortable things, I swear. And for this price, I couldn’t resist….


2 thoughts on “An Ugg Remake…

  1. This happened to my daughter’s Uggs – The shoemaker capped the whole toe in a suede patch! Looks strange, but she went with it.

    And GORGEOUS street pick on the dresser. Love that!

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