When the Weather Gives You Rain, Make Rainbows…

We celebrated a birthday this month. It’s been 8 years, boy the time goes by. Due to all the rain this year and the kids growing like weeds my small home was unable to accommodate them so we had a birthday out this year. We did a paint your own pottery party and it was fun and the ladies were just the right age to enjoy it, plus I didn’t have to clean up anything, how awesome. Although, I really prefer having parties with family and everyone at home in the yard. This is the second time we’ve had a birthday “out” the other time was due to construction on the house and I have to say I can see why some folks get use to having parties at other locations, they are convenient but there’s just something so natural about having them at home and letting the kids create and be guided by their own instincts for a birthday gathering.

I decorated the cake the morning of, a little behind schedule you see. I had my 8-year-old helper and mom pop in to help and we each had a different vision of what an artists palette cake should look like, so we compromised and it did turn out cute. Nana and the birthday girl even made some quick edible paint brushes from licorice and fruit leather, which I was secretly asked to keep some aside for snacking on later….

So yes the color is a bit scary! But boy, what a fun cake to make and so fun to see everyone’s surprise when you cut into it. The kids thought it was so amazing and I must have told all the adults how to do it…I’m not a fan of food coloring (this cake used the food coloring gels) but once a year and the punch of these colors is enough to last till the next cake. I first saw this cake at http://www.omnomicon.com/rainbowcake but if you google rainbow cakes, you come up with all sorts of photos to peruse. I didn’t succumb to the  diet version with the soda that the link above suggests, I just added the coloring to the batter and went from there.

It was a lovely Birthday party, and turned out to beautiful day of course, the only one after weeks of rain. At least the ground got to dry up a little and later that afternoon about two dozen mud pies were made in the yard and baked a few days on our picnic table. I had to do some cleaning afterall, quite a feat compared to a birthday, but it was so awesome to watch them go to town on that mud!


6 thoughts on “When the Weather Gives You Rain, Make Rainbows…

  1. Happy birthday! I, too, like having parties at home. But, my children both have summer birthdays and like to have their parties near the local pond or pool. I can’t blame them. I really appreciate your stopping by my blog, and enjoy reading through your posts. Cheers.

  2. Ach! I love this cake! My 3 year old is obsessed with rainbows, he comes home from preschool each day with a new rainbow watercolor, so when I showed him this he said he wanted this for his 4th birthday.

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