An All About Me Retreat…

I’m going to take some much deserved time for myself the next few days! Yahoo! My family is headed out-of-town and I have some work to do which is why I can’t join them, slightly sad, but turning those lemons into…perhaps a Margarita for myself. It is our declared “Birthday Weekend” after all! (My hubby’s birthday and mine are three days/three years apart, starting Friday.)

Aside from sleeping late, watching a movie of my choice at whatever time I choose, getting some favorite snacks or meals to indulge in, and tossing in some uninterrupted crafty time, I intend to make the best of it and enjoy all I can muster in a weekend. Probably a bit too much as I tend to let time get away from me and over extend myself…anyone else have that “I CAN DO IT ALL…now” problem????

So here is my plan of attack…we’ll see how I do:

May or may not have to kick off my day early and drive to the bus station, so I’ll just plan on–  HA! HA!! Just got word my kin will be sneaking out early am…

  • Wake up whenever and since my coffee maker is busted at the moment…I’ll be headed straight here for a beverage en route to…
  • Here or another thrifty delight to peruse and see what I can admire, hunt, discover or revamp!
  • Pending how the above goes or whatever other time suck I encounter (I’ve already hit the bookstore this week and got sucked into that vortex so I can skip that) I will head to nature!
  • Nature: gotta head back to my end of the earth and get my woofer dog! I will run or walk, take pictures, draw or paint in the out-of-doors = loveliness, bliss, ahhh…
  • If weather gets persnickety, I’ll take it indoors or get to sewing, spinning or some yummies or hav that to myself in the evening!

There’s a fiber festival that’s about 3 hours away on Saturday, they have a few classes that would be fun but sitting and driving for 6 hours, yet dreamy at times is not what I’d love to be doing with so much free time all to myself, if you get my drift! So that’s a back burner…there’s a Kirtan tonight in town as well, or perhaps a last-minute hair cut, massage or, or, I love endless possibilities…

I guess I’ll keep it open and see what happens! What are your favorite things to do when you’re enjoying time to yourself?


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