Long Silence & Noticing…

Mostly in the morning while enjoying a cup of tea or java, I enjoy a mini ritual of prancing around link to link, all sorts of different blogs and viewing inspirations and loveliness that I see from my blog roll and beyond. These little delights spark my imagination and creativity and let me see the world through someone elses eyes, feel a connection or learn something new. It’s curious how the authors and their topics tend to peak and flow with various ranging content. From projects meeting completion and going on the hunt for the next project, to items or topics that inspire them or pursuing how they can make a change in the world, watching their children growing older and their blog maturing as well. It’s also interesting the NEW influx of blogs that have emerged, sparking a new generation of bloggers with all new interests.

I often wonder how these bloggers find support either through their community or network of friends with common interests.  I can see blogging as way to dip my feet in their world while I continue my search for like kin with mutual interests closer to home to connect with one on one.  And somehow, blogging does feel like a ginormous community to network with right out my backdoor. Slowly, more and more I notice the creative blog world coinciding with each other, building communities, networks and relationships that extend beyond the inter web and into action in the “real” world, its quite amazing to watch such thriving.

I enjoy lots of blogs and also enjoy the blogging process myself at times. For me, it’s challenging to figure out what I want to say or keep to myself, as I mainly blog to track fun things in life if I have time, perhaps use to set a goal, or maybe join in on a group discussion or project. Like some, I don’t blog to connect with family, as they’re close by, but I do find myself utilizing a blog to connect with similar folks I see as a creative mirror to myself who carve their niche of ideas in the world.

Lately, I’ve noticed that blogs I’ve regular-ed have been on hiatus, are not posting as much interesting info, or just simply posting a few photos or words. Blogs that have had a prolonged silence, that have grown into their own dominion of a web empire, and some blogs just disappearing….

We’re all claiming our little nest in the blog tree, almost just because we all have a story to share. It’s a wondrous thing to watch all this growth and change from a backseat and noticing how each individual bloggers life has switched gears or changed paths somehow. By visiting these little pieces of the cyber universe I feel that so many questions come up not just about what happened or where the authors or their time went, but with life in general and how it affects everyone…we’re seasonal animals, life ebbs and flows and all things change, it’s constant.

Interestingly, I’ve noticed a mirror within all of this. At times, some of these blogs I’ve had to ignore, do away with, or convince myself that they’re a nifty, deceptive trick. Some tend to make myself or other bloggers (as I’ve noticed) feel inadequate at times. It’s one thing to feel that you have the capacity that you can always do more, be more, and try harder and who would want to read a negative blog without some story or follow through?  But at times it can eat away at you when you already feeling like you’re doing your best or time just doesn’t want to cooperate. After reading lots of blogs over the years, I can see how life has affected them and, have noticed a trend between some who continue to persevere or those who tend to get fed up and maybe seize an ending to their much beloved followed blogs with a tense filled explanation of the why and how they are ending the blog land communicato as well as everything in between.

Overall, I find it exciting to see what will happen in the future, how long some of these older blogs will maintain, if it will get easier or harder. What they will eventually develop into and to what the future holds  as all bloggers seek these multifaceted connections.  There’s some wonderful magic that’s occurring out there and I hope to be a part of it wherever it goes…will you?


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