A Year A New!! Yippee

Thank goodness 2010 is behind us. With all the holidays, gatherings, wrapping, crafting, working, family gatherings and so on and so on, it’s nice to get back to normal…normal-ish. That said there is one thing I think I need that I didn’t get for Christmas….

Ahh, yes… a Kelly Moore Camera Bag. Specifically the B-Hobo bag in Mustard, or maybe green, I can’t decide…I have a 5 mil Crumpler bag but I’d like o squeeze a few more items in there and also have a bag that doesn’t appear to be a big bulky camera bag.

Now I’m not a bag person, or a purse or a girly bag person. But this bag spoke to me! Unfortunately – it will probably continue to speak until I get lucky enough to afford such a bag. Although, I have seen a few bloggers create a look a like although I haven’t seen a bag anywhere that I’d like to convert into a camera bag…so my search will continue. Until then I drool. I also liked the epiphanie camera bags but they’re about the same dough and I haven’t read many raving reviews about them. I definitely require something tough, durable, and I like to be able to wear it  across the body or short and I want to make sure it holds the weight of the camera equipment. I also like extra pockets and do-dads…awesome!

This bag is my favorite.  There are many different colors offered and 5 different bag styles available. There is a perfect bag for everyone. :) Please take a minute and check out her bags at: http://kellymoorebag.com. Feel free to enter this giveaway for yourself at: http://heatherandavery.blogspot.com

Suggestions? find any camera bags or convert and old one to be stylish and function for carrying a wallet, phone and lip balm etc???


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