You know you want a Kelly Moore Bag, when…

Real Mom Reviews is having a giveaway for a Kelly Moore Bag…I’ve been eyeing these bags, as you know for quite some time and am entering any giveaway I find for them. They are a wee out of my price range and I just know I’ll get my chance to own one of these amazing bags this way!!! I’m hoping, fingers crossed!!!

Pictured above is the Kelly Moore Classic Bag. Not sure if I’d choose fuschia but they come in a slew of color variations, it’s hard to decide. In the giveaway the Juju bag is not available which is the largest bag Kelly Moore offers. The classic (above) is about the next size down in women’s. There’s also a boy bag, a messenger style bag that is appealing as well. My preference although it may be to small for my needs is the B-Hobo bag in Mustard….You can enter the giveaway as well….here!

Wish me luck!!!


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