Storming and Juicing….



I don’t know about you but living in Massachusetts this winter has been a bit chilly! There’s the temperature drop, and then the dreary gray skies. Then we’ve had some snow! Brrr! I’ve been carbo loading so to speak (best I can on a Gluten-free diet) and Ithink the amount of sugar in the house multiplies when it snows. There’s been school days and sick days and I think my body is seriously craving some summer!

Since my veggies have been neglected and are about to rot in the fridge, I cranked up the heat and decided to balance my Ayurvedic dosha somehow by juicing it all. Ahhhh, so much better. Juicing is about the last thing my body craves when it’s cold and wet outside. In need of such a reprieve from carbs juicing certainly did the trick. Once I sucked that juice down it calmed my entire system and reminded me throughout the day to consider self-care, natural foods from the source and healthy choices. Then it also made me want to plan out my garden!!! I’m envisioning this year, kale, swiss chard, lettuces & arugula, beets, carrots, snap peas, zucchini & summer squash, cucumbers, some random herbs and I may try brussel sprouts! Yum! Can’t wait…what are some juicing recipes you like and what do you choose to grow in your garden?


One thought on “Storming and Juicing….

  1. When I’m not in the mood for “juice” I just make a thick puree in my NutriBullet, place in a sauce pan, add some of my favorite spices and heat. Voila, a delicious, hearty, “soup” that will warm your innards on a cold winter’s day.

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