Experimental Freeform Crochet

I’ve been inspire by the hats made by Heather Lightbody, otherwise referred to as Girl with a Hook. She is a spinner and art yarn creator who makes these crazy hats using free-form crochet.

I’ve been knitting a few years, but crocheting is still pretty new to me and I continue to have to look up terms beyond a double crochet and be cautious to watch out for the differences in US vs. British terms. But I find her hats so fascinating…art and craft mixed with sculptural qualities and unusual!  She’s teaching a class a Madison Wool in CT in March which I’m still thinking about going to. I think it would be fun! Part spinning and part free form crochet. I don’t always have time to do things I love and it’s nice to be able to try and get away for something fun especially when you can give your full attention to it! I went to the Pluckyfluff class last year for my birthday, which was great. I had wanted to take a class from her since I started spinning. My big plan, as I turn the big 4-0 this year is to maybe taking a weaving class in VT…so that would kind of eliminate the other 2 workshops from my fiber diet….it all comes down to school, work, schedules etc…to be continued!


One thought on “Experimental Freeform Crochet

  1. Hi Jessica,
    You are my swap partner for Amanda’s craft exchange. I mailed your package 2 weeks ago and I just want to double check that you received it. Please let me know. Thanks! -Kelly

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