I love this Wine bottle. It has sat forever it seems, in front of this boat that is in disarray and is being s-l-o-w-l-y worked on. At low tide under he boat you can find rusted old nails and other metal parts that seem to echo of another time. Some artifacts are older than others but one can always find something that’s beguiling from the sea.

In this vacation town, especially this time of year. These little snippets and treasures are often overlooked and dismissed by passer-bys. I’m near this building and boat very often. I get to see the view at just about every hour of the day, what treasures the tide brings in, and if there is anyone else walking along who takes notice of these happy little places in the world.


Warning XXX…japanese erasers exposed!

Japanese earasers…so innocent! Not!

These fascinating little erasers made their way into our home and I have to say my daughter has picked up my love for all things miniature and super small-scale. These erasers also dupe as mini puzzles that you can take apart and put back together. Most of her collection has been of food and other inanimate objects, but a small bunny clan made its way in. I last witnessed it in pieces and then later saw it put back together in the above X rated fashion! Apparently whomever designs these little erasers has quite a sense of humor, plus with family around and a sugar high off of valentines chocolates it may have been a wee bit extra funny. Please tell me you see what I see?