You know you want a Kelly Moore Bag, when…

Real Mom Reviews is having a giveaway for a Kelly Moore Bag…I’ve been eyeing these bags, as you know for quite some time and am entering any giveaway I find for them. They are a wee out of my price range and I just know I’ll get my chance to own one of these amazing bags this way!!! I’m hoping, fingers crossed!!!

Pictured above is the Kelly Moore Classic Bag. Not sure if I’d choose fuschia but they come in a slew of color variations, it’s hard to decide. In the giveaway the Juju bag is not available which is the largest bag Kelly Moore offers. The classic (above) is about the next size down in women’s. There’s also a boy bag, a messenger style bag that is appealing as well. My preference although it may be to small for my needs is the B-Hobo bag in Mustard….You can enter the giveaway as well….here!

Wish me luck!!!


Yarnage post…

Sew Spun has a Yarn of the Month Club and a giveaway at that! My favorite in her Etsy shop at the moment is the Kamikaze Yarn (above)….I love all the randomness and wonder how it would look knit up. Perfect for kids wear and some other funky duds I have in mind. 

Perusing the site I actually prefer the ART Yarn of the Month Club I just discovered she had as well!  I have been experimenting with art yarns and find them so fun and fascinating. As I attempt for a consistent art yarn of sorts from my end of the earth, I can see the effort that went into each skein at Sew Spun! Man I wish I could spin some coils like that! Back to the spinning wheel for me then! Oh, and cross your fingers I win the YOTMC Giveaway…Yummy!

Hip Mountain Mama Zuma Giveaway!

If you’re addicted to Ravelry…you may have already heard about this giveaway happening over at  Hip Mountain Mama. It’s for a georgeous knitting bag, or anything bag really…it’s lovely!  A few rules to enter and you’re on your way to possibly owning a hip cool bag to carry all the yummy yarn you could fit….

Upon finding the Zuma, I also love the Offhand Design Bags….I’m partial to the Audrey (above),  but love the Maude, Fiona and…okay I’ll stop there. Beautiful fabrics!