Yarnage post…

Sew Spun has a Yarn of the Month Club and a giveaway at that! My favorite in her Etsy shop at the moment is the Kamikaze Yarn (above)….I love all the randomness and wonder how it would look knit up. Perfect for kids wear and some other funky duds I have in mind. 

Perusing the site I actually prefer the ART Yarn of the Month Club I just discovered she had as well!  I have been experimenting with art yarns and find them so fun and fascinating. As I attempt for a consistent art yarn of sorts from my end of the earth, I can see the effort that went into each skein at Sew Spun! Man I wish I could spin some coils like that! Back to the spinning wheel for me then! Oh, and cross your fingers I win the YOTMC Giveaway…Yummy!


Open Studio Tour

Welcome, so what you see here may not be like most open studios currently, but it’s quite open at the moment. It’s a studio in progress, a studio in transition and in creation!

I will love my studio once it’s fully complete or to the slightest degree usable. My tree house, my room of one’s own, my escape to a little creative universe or hub of crafty goodness.

To begin, I have always wanted my own studio since forever. I have always been drawn to and good at art and crafty things,  it’s what I thrive on.  Luckily, I also married a carpenter who tends to have lots of tools and acquires  lumber and future studio findings through work, friends and wherever. It quite a frugal studio, the most we’ve put into it is a land  survey, in order to make a suddenly spirited neighbor be quiet. Now we’re continuing our building on weekends to hopefully complete it SOON…

I first planned on the studio to just be a creative space. I want to sew, spin, weave, do pottery, paint, collage, craft and design in a lovely space. I would like to use this space with my daughter (who is 7) to give us a place to create together, a sanctuary of sorts, somewhere creativity is invited. I live directly, on top of an elementary school which my daughter attends, so we see lots of kids and giveaway lots of juice boxes and band aids. I would love to be able to host a small after school program for kids to be creative but have in depth themes (as in depth as elementary will take them)- maybe a week of fiber arts, a week of pottery, a week of photography, or a week of creating hula hoops whatever that would entails a new avenue that steers them away from a piece of paper and a typical crayon, just a space to let something new be born, to find out what else lurks inside them that they may enjoy…because sometimes when you get the opportunity you can make magic and it sticks like glue for the rest of your life so you can hopefully pass it along…

Currently my sofa is my studio….this is where most of my crafting ventures take place and maybe the kitchen table as well. The sofa is especially nice for knitting! I find it’s a great portable craft especially when it can take my mind of of larger projects I want to do but don’t have the space for. My studio will be a place of lingering creativity where the day ends and you can just step away from your work, and the next day it waits quietly for you untouched, undisturbed and you can see it with fresh eyes, aaaahhh! We have a small house, well at least for someone who has lots of hobbies, storage can be quite a challenge so I hope to be organized  in the near future and have all my creative endeavors high on the hill behind me.

Dyeing with Koolaid

The Supplies-

  • Several packets of Koolaid get a few packs of the same color if you are going to dye lots of roving or like super saturated colors.
  • Foam brushes or squirt bottles.
  • Cups to mix the dye in.
  • Some vinegar.
  • Warm, not über hot water.
  • Gloves, if you don’t want to get to messy.
  • Plastic wrap
  • Newspapers
  • Roving that has been soaked at least and hour

Lay down some newspaper to protect your work surface (koolaid stains). Place the plastic wrap on top of the newspaper in at least 3 ft lengths or more. You can lay a second length of plastic wrap down as well overlapping the first by about a half-inch or so.

Measure out your roving, or weigh it depending how careful you want to be, what project you have in mind etc. Let’s say 4-8oz.

Snake the roving in an “S” formation using the length and width of the plastic wrap.

Makin’ Koolaid-
Put your packet of Koolaid in the cup and add 1/4 cup of the warm water and a glug of vinegar…mix and add more water if you’d like to dilute it more.

You can pour the dye over the roving or use a foam brush to tap it onto the roving, just don’t separate the roving. Google different color concepts, splashes of color, complete immersion, patterns! This is an art form in and of itself! Break the rules, have your own test kitchen!

Wrap it up in the plastic wrap like a burrito or cinnamon roll (fold the sides in then top, bottom; start at one end and roll it up so it looks like the pic above!

Steam the rolls…for at least 30min. You flip them over when it’s at the half way mark. The steaming sets the dye and blends the colors a little….

…you’ll be amazed at the results. I’ll post more pics when I get a chance to spin these…and what I may knit from them. So fun!

Looking to SPINNN!

With Fall sneaking upon us and some not so sunny days in the north east, I’ve been feeling the urge to get my fiber wheels turning. Also, between yesterday and today there are TWO bike races happening locally that are pretty big deals. Lots of fun to watch and old friends to see again. SO in honor of spinning, I’m in need of some yummy wool. Insert Phatfiber here…

Their sampler box is happening for the month of august and I’ve very anxious this time not to miss it and get my first box! Also, I happened to check their blog and notice a giveaway for a batt club from Moonwood Farms called the Moonbeams Club. The description given at Phatfiber just sounds so irresistible and yummy which makes it difficult not to indulge! I spin pretty thing but need to add more color to my spinning and haven’t yet had a chance to dye a batch of my own fiber (The rain gods or actually schedule gods have not been kind).

So cross your fingers and let’s roll the dice for shot at the Moonbeams club!

Wonder dog rolag

Finally receive my hand cards, yippeee! I’m very excited. I have a wonderful dog who is a mut and part austrailian cattle dog and sheds like crazy! I made his day by brushing him and collecting some fur. I combined it with some wool and presto chango, I now have some wonderful fiber to spin! I’m not sure what I will knit from it, or weave…something playful and fun. Something, since the woof  is almost 11, to always cherish. Perhaps an ornament like a little sweater? The carders are som much fun to use and I’ve caught the hubster and child playing with them as well. Although they don’t understand the ebb and flow of fiber.

Ohhh, PluckyFluff!!!


This may look like Yarn Barf to those not interested in fiber goodness, but I think it’s amazing!

Pluckyfluff has a new book out which I’m dying to find and get! They are also offering workshops (hint, hint) which I am dying to also get to. One seems to be occurring close to home in Derry, NH and I’m hoping (in this economy) there’s a way for me to figure out how to attend as well as to gain supplies for the event. I’m new to spinning, have always wanted to do it, and now have a fantastic wheel, ready to go! I’m hoping the universe will somehow will myself into the class, just imagine what I could learn! I love learning especially something NEW I know I’d do well at, it’s make me so crazy to know there are things out there I haven’t tried yet that I know would absolutely “be my thang” if I git to do them…So Pluckyfluff, if you’re out there….any scholarships available? Barter? Assistant?

to be continued….