The Da-Do-Run-down…

So very quiet on the blogging front in these parts, eh? Yes, yes, lot’s of goings ons, ramblings, musings, and new-found stirrings started to accumulate and poof a drop of the earth was necessary. No pressure right?

Well here’s the rundown:

We had a most pleasant visit to the Atlanta Airport for a 9 hour layover while en route to a wedding in Enid, OK. What? Never heard of Enid, you’re kidding. Well it’s about 200 miles north of Oklahoma City and 200 miles south of  Wichita, KS where we finally landed late, late in the eve. It’s a flat ghost town all the way to Enid which is yet another ghost town all on its own. Uüber Flat as well. But it did have a lovely farmers market where we got some chow-chow that we learned could not go through security on the way home, and it had some awesome old western buildings. We did find a warehouse/museum that housed all sorts of incredible artifacts from old western movies sets and americana, was very interesting.  They tried to keep us there as long as possible, apparently even a wedding shouldn’t keep us for checking out such a collection.

Enid also is home to Garfield Furniture. Long ago it was the Grand Ave Hotel and thought it was eerily familiar. Turns it it was on the ONE episode of Ghost Lab I’ve ever seen, who knew such info would come in handy. Legend has it that it was where John Wilkes Booth (of the Lincoln Assassination) had lived out his days under an assumed name. Read the whole rig-a-ma-roo here! We also had some awesome custard at Freddie’s, which I’m still craving. MMMMM, custard! There were quite a few storms while we were there and the allergens in the air were brutal in wheat country so missed the water park. However, like all good post wedding parties we headed out to eat at a funky sports pub called Pastimes. The interior was very ornate that included showing the tin tile ceilings, old brick walls and fresco’s as well as some old pics and maps of the town. Okay, old by the mid west standard, nothing in comparison to England or anything, but old-ish! Ya dig….Oh and then there was the OLD COWTOWN MUSEUM in Wichita, Kansas….Yes, the Cowtown Museum, it’s a living history museum and was probably the best part of the trip next to some good old fashioned paintball that we did post wedding!

Then it was WORK, WORK, Work all over the place. Family gatherings, reunions, selling some goods at the local farmers market, a few plays from summer camp, a boat ride or two, a tube down a river and then I had a major allergy attack and broke out in hives! Ewwh! Pretty much July was haze as I tried to figure this new allergy out…hmmm, still a mystery but currently under control and hopefully fading! So now I’m a Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, who lites up like a christmas tree in all sorts of pollens, molds, mites and danders to name a few. It looks as though I have to experiment with a few more known allergens (don’t do soy, so mainly dairy & eggs which I keep to a minimum anywho), try some new shampoos. I’ll be au natural and beyond…any recommendations I’ll happily listen to, trust me! My herbalist friends always try to help but I’m allergic to most of what they recommend as well. C’mon give a girl a break, ya know? My hubby thinks I’m losing it, as I don’t really let my allergies stop me so he’s not really reminded of them all that often and I think he forgets that they present themselves when I don’t want them to….

So I guess that’s where I’m at. Been in my seriously cool studio, cranking out some Schtuffff! What? I didn’t mention the studio? What? No pics? Oh Man! Soon to come. Right after I finish this baby sweater for my new niece due any day now!!!

And I leave you now….with the FORCE!!! American Girls Style!!!

This is what happens when you leave to creative playful girls alone and allow them copious amounts of Toilet paper…quietly later you head to the bedroom and find this! GASP! and start hysterically rolling about on the floor! I mean, they even have a storm trooper!!!



Hope you and yours find yourselves enjoying some fruits of your labor….Hope you had a wonderful 4th!


I love this Wine bottle. It has sat forever it seems, in front of this boat that is in disarray and is being s-l-o-w-l-y worked on. At low tide under he boat you can find rusted old nails and other metal parts that seem to echo of another time. Some artifacts are older than others but one can always find something that’s beguiling from the sea.

In this vacation town, especially this time of year. These little snippets and treasures are often overlooked and dismissed by passer-bys. I’m near this building and boat very often. I get to see the view at just about every hour of the day, what treasures the tide brings in, and if there is anyone else walking along who takes notice of these happy little places in the world.

An All About Me Retreat…

I’m going to take some much deserved time for myself the next few days! Yahoo! My family is headed out-of-town and I have some work to do which is why I can’t join them, slightly sad, but turning those lemons into…perhaps a Margarita for myself. It is our declared “Birthday Weekend” after all! (My hubby’s birthday and mine are three days/three years apart, starting Friday.)

Aside from sleeping late, watching a movie of my choice at whatever time I choose, getting some favorite snacks or meals to indulge in, and tossing in some uninterrupted crafty time, I intend to make the best of it and enjoy all I can muster in a weekend. Probably a bit too much as I tend to let time get away from me and over extend myself…anyone else have that “I CAN DO IT ALL…now” problem????

So here is my plan of attack…we’ll see how I do:

May or may not have to kick off my day early and drive to the bus station, so I’ll just plan on–  HA! HA!! Just got word my kin will be sneaking out early am…

  • Wake up whenever and since my coffee maker is busted at the moment…I’ll be headed straight here for a beverage en route to…
  • Here or another thrifty delight to peruse and see what I can admire, hunt, discover or revamp!
  • Pending how the above goes or whatever other time suck I encounter (I’ve already hit the bookstore this week and got sucked into that vortex so I can skip that) I will head to nature!
  • Nature: gotta head back to my end of the earth and get my woofer dog! I will run or walk, take pictures, draw or paint in the out-of-doors = loveliness, bliss, ahhh…
  • If weather gets persnickety, I’ll take it indoors or get to sewing, spinning or some yummies or hav that to myself in the evening!

There’s a fiber festival that’s about 3 hours away on Saturday, they have a few classes that would be fun but sitting and driving for 6 hours, yet dreamy at times is not what I’d love to be doing with so much free time all to myself, if you get my drift! So that’s a back burner…there’s a Kirtan tonight in town as well, or perhaps a last-minute hair cut, massage or, or, I love endless possibilities…

I guess I’ll keep it open and see what happens! What are your favorite things to do when you’re enjoying time to yourself?

Slacking on Owls, but I give a hoot!

Tenuous…I think that describes the way I feel about knitting my first sweater (adult size). I started the infamous OWLS sweater. I already completed one for my lil girl but I wanted one as well! I’ve knitted waist to armpit but still having hesitation about moving on.

I believe it’s for a few reasons like… I know have to count more so it becomes less mindless…OR maybe I’m nervous about the fit and having to frog away (I want it a little longer but not sure how the sleeves will make it fit)…and then I’ve just been exhausted lately and haven’t had enough Humph to get moving on it…

To conquer my exhaustion I ramped up a new yoga routine. I’m hitting the hot yoga universe (haven’t done hot yoga for a few years.) My daughter is even in her own yoga class (not Hot) where one child introduced “Sassy Teenager Pose” this from almost 8yr olds…So during her class I have intentions on knitting the sweater more but tend to chat along with other parents and haven’t broken out my needles and eco-cascade! But there is HOPE! I have a road trip this weekend! Headed to Vermont, so with three plus hours in daylight, we’ll what progress will be made on the lump of yarn that sits by my door, that comes and goes with me on pretty much a daily basis with intentions of working on it…Spring must be near because if I’m having this hard of a time sitting still to knit…it has to be getting warmer out.

Hoot! Hoot!

Warning XXX…japanese erasers exposed!

Japanese earasers…so innocent! Not!

These fascinating little erasers made their way into our home and I have to say my daughter has picked up my love for all things miniature and super small-scale. These erasers also dupe as mini puzzles that you can take apart and put back together. Most of her collection has been of food and other inanimate objects, but a small bunny clan made its way in. I last witnessed it in pieces and then later saw it put back together in the above X rated fashion! Apparently whomever designs these little erasers has quite a sense of humor, plus with family around and a sugar high off of valentines chocolates it may have been a wee bit extra funny. Please tell me you see what I see?

Hope Your Valentines Day was LOVE-ly…

Filled with family birthdays, quick visits with friends and family, Valentine delivery at school, some figure skating and a competition, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend filled with fun!  Plus lots of knitting, baking, crafting, building (my studio got some shingles added to it, it’s coming along…) plus lots of  I Love You’s!

Now it is school vacation week… I love having my little girl home and just pacing our day however we please.  Let the chilax-sation begin!