Slacking on Owls, but I give a hoot!

Tenuous…I think that describes the way I feel about knitting my first sweater (adult size). I started the infamous OWLS sweater. I already completed one for my lil girl but I wanted one as well! I’ve knitted waist to armpit but still having hesitation about moving on.

I believe it’s for a few reasons like… I know have to count more so it becomes less mindless…OR maybe I’m nervous about the fit and having to frog away (I want it a little longer but not sure how the sleeves will make it fit)…and then I’ve just been exhausted lately and haven’t had enough Humph to get moving on it…

To conquer my exhaustion I ramped up a new yoga routine. I’m hitting the hot yoga universe (haven’t done hot yoga for a few years.) My daughter is even in her own yoga class (not Hot) where one child introduced “Sassy Teenager Pose” this from almost 8yr olds…So during her class I have intentions on knitting the sweater more but tend to chat along with other parents and haven’t broken out my needles and eco-cascade! But there is HOPE! I have a road trip this weekend! Headed to Vermont, so with three plus hours in daylight, we’ll what progress will be made on the lump of yarn that sits by my door, that comes and goes with me on pretty much a daily basis with intentions of working on it…Spring must be near because if I’m having this hard of a time sitting still to knit…it has to be getting warmer out.

Hoot! Hoot!