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The Art of Making Breakfast

I’ve found some inspiration recently and I think you will to. It’s got me excited about drawing again. Drawing again without any judgement and putting aside any insecurities I have about it. It’s about having fun, letting go and setting yourself free. Free to be who you are, who you want and who can be! Do something creative everyday!

If you read more about the artist Danny Gregory you’ll understand his need to create and how vital it can be.

I’ve also done a stint with Alisa Burke’s Sketchbook Delight 2 Online class. Having an art school background I’m glad I jumped to 2. It’s sweet and simple and gets you to your sketchbook everyday. I hope a combination of the above video and the sketching class will help me evolve a little more and ignite some creativity that’s been stifled.


Reindeer Games… prepping for a storm!

reindeerMmmm, Reindeer cake pops from a leftover birthday cake! YUM!
Well, yum for others I hear as the cake I made them from was not Gluten-free, oh well! At least they’re pretty to make and look at! Note to Self: Why do I always have the hardest time with white candy melts? I always seem to over heat them or something that just seems to yield at least one batch of white bloppy, powdery, mess….

Afternoon Delight

20120920-150340.jpgMade some yummy peanut butter cookies for after school snack today. Served with sliced pink lady apple and a cold glass of milk. It was much appreciated as the kids sat down at the table preparing to do homework before their other afternoon activities.


A Walk in The Woods…

I see drawings filled with line and textures, movement and dance, contrast and details. A walk in the woods always inspires me to paint, to draw, to create. I’m drawn to trees especially as they encompass and infuse so much. What inspires you to create?