Back from the DR!

Officially now laid off from work, no more transitions, no more training, finally some adventure and relaxation…We were gifted a trip to the DR with a free place to stay (thank goodness for the generous!) We visited Cabarete a kite surfing community new and up and coming in the DR on the North East coastline….WOW! Miles of beaches, gentle winds, sunny skies (a definite difference from our New England summer thus far!)  We had a wonderful time and are both happy to be rejuvenated as land back home as well as wishing we could have stayed longer.

Cabarete is beginning to become a resort town and destination.  It’s known for its wonderful wind that calls to an abundance of pro windsurfers as well as kiters (=us). We had a wonderful time crossing language barriers, exploring local sweet spots, including caves and secret beaches as well as taking in all the flavor of this part of the DR. If we ever get back there it will not be the same, I guarantee! A precious little jewel that will soon be overcome with resorts and tourists bartering for chach-keys. There is so much local flavor, so much immersion in the culture and people who live there. Hopefully all the building and influx of  money with tourism will bring a rebirth within the community that is striving to make a change.

Check out a DR government run program to help out-

Last night I turned on the TV for the first time in since we’ve been back. Dateline or Primetime (one of those news shows) happened to be on. It was that last 15 minutes or so of programming and it happened to be about the musician Wyclef Jean. He is originally from Hati (the country separated by a mountain range next to the DR). As I watched the program after being so close to that culture I felt even  more so aware of the issues that the people are face with. Wyclef Jean recognizes where he came from can change and grow, he has developed programs and funds to help reach out to his community, it was amazing to watch the impact he has made. He spoke so eloquently. This is definately his destiny and it was amazing to witness. I highly recomend checking him out…i hope we can all make an impact in the world we live for such positive change.


Ohhh, PluckyFluff!!!


This may look like Yarn Barf to those not interested in fiber goodness, but I think it’s amazing!

Pluckyfluff has a new book out which I’m dying to find and get! They are also offering workshops (hint, hint) which I am dying to also get to. One seems to be occurring close to home in Derry, NH and I’m hoping (in this economy) there’s a way for me to figure out how to attend as well as to gain supplies for the event. I’m new to spinning, have always wanted to do it, and now have a fantastic wheel, ready to go! I’m hoping the universe will somehow will myself into the class, just imagine what I could learn! I love learning especially something NEW I know I’d do well at, it’s make me so crazy to know there are things out there I haven’t tried yet that I know would absolutely “be my thang” if I git to do them…So Pluckyfluff, if you’re out there….any scholarships available? Barter? Assistant?

to be continued….

No-spend knitting swap arrived!

I joined Swap-bot awhile back for the Cake & Pie Holiday Ornament Swap. After completing that swap I thought I would give a try at another and here entered the “No-Spend Knitting Swap.” You send a select amount of knitting items be it yarn, needles, books, or other misc items pertaining to knitting and you get back some new stuff from someones stash. I shipped off a box to Australia, that price tag for shipping was a little steep but my swap recipient was very pleased as it was all yarns she wanted and can’t get in AU, plus a neat beginners book I never used.

I received the above items; some beautiful blue handspun yarn, a mini skein of wool yarn, and a skein of lovely merino. Plus a needle case, a calendar and a little notebook that walked off with my daughter and is now used in her makeshift restaurant for taking orders, very useful. The fact that it was no spend minus postage made it a great swap, can’t wait to see what others received!

This Kid has more teeth falling out

The first front tooth a few days ago...

First tooth gone and the second tooth dangling-EWWWH

Finally, she woke up and it FELL out! She's now just gums!

Did I mention the OTHER front tooth came out over the weekend?? It did, and of course the tooth fairy came with a special Gold Dollar…So I believe she’ll be coming again tonight, but since this is a special week of losing 2 FRONT teeth, which I believe we thought would happen back around Christmas, the tooth fairy will probably try to make it a little special, hmmmm! Anyone have any ideas what that little something could be? Maybe it’s a special little note in fairy language that you need to read with a magnifying glass, or maybe a few of her favorite sweets, fruits or accessories she loves so much. I guess it’s a surprise and we’ll wait and see.

2008 Fairy Festival at Strawberry Banke, Portsmouth, NH

Went to a birthday party this past Saturday in Portsmouth which coincided with the 3rd annual fary festival extravaganza. Six lil fairies all fluttering about to and from the fairy houses they built, then the houses that were occupied and then dancing with the fairies atth ballet. Tons of fun for all. They sprinkled fairy dust, had cookies and may even get published in the next fairy book! Check it out!

She Lost Her 2nd Tooth!!

She pulled it out herself. Said she was playing with it all day and then after school she yanked it herself. She wants to take it to school with her tomorrow but decided to let the tooth fairy swing by instead asking her to leave a picture of herself, again….

Dad made her meatloaf for dinner as biting into things is a bit difficult even though the new teeth are close behind!
She’s holding another check plus homework with some fantastic new sentences….fridge material (we have tons of it, better than the sunday comics.)
Below, you’ll see out fantabulous antique pine table- Tah Dahhhh!
We’ve been using it like crazy and now can have official family dinners, card games, sewings fests and big place to spread out.